Staff Augmentation

Need dependable tech resources?
Let us help. 

Axiom Connected can help you expand your team with reliable and talented team members. We are in new and unprecedented times. Remote work is now the new normal and when embraced, companies both large and small can benefit from a globally diverse workforce, managed by a trusted partner.

Has the World Changed Your Hiring Strategy?

IT Development resources are at peak demand 

The IT talent shortage is the most significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies, compared with just 4% in 2020.

By 2030, the global IT resource shortage is projected to reach over 85 million.  

source: Gartner, Inc.

Why Axiom Connected

Our Advantages

Motivated recruiting

Our recruiting process promotes locating the best resource, not the cheapest to make more margin.

Your team is our team! 

We built our business on the same model we provide you. Making sure the team feels connected is important and we promote activities that provide that engagement.

Comp+ Partner Pricing

Because we are transparent, we work alongside your team to achieve the same goals.

Employee satisfaction

Because they are your team, candidates are connected, benefit from career and growth opportunity, and have higher retention.

Other Guys

  • Poor recruiting practices
  • Most companies are more concerned with starting the hourly billing regardless of candidate fit.
  • Lack of “Team” culture when using an hourly contractor
  • Resource is seen as a transient outsider.
  • High pressure sales
  • Urgency on partner to confirm resources, not on quality and cultural fit.
  • No transparency on compensation
  • Many companies maximize the hourly rate to partner and minimize the pay rate to contractor.
  • High Turnover
  • Many contractors know they are not permanent and move based on pay rates, not on position.

Let’s work together!