AutoTech Effect 2022– CerebrumX: A Closer Look at the Connected Car Future

AutoTech Effect– CerebrumX: A Closer Look at the Connected Car Future

During our AutoTech Effect episode with CerebrumX, we spoke with Sandip Ranjhan, CEO and Founder. The discussion covers the value of unlocking connected car data and how it plays a key role in the vehicle supply chain, from OEM to consumer.

What is CerebrumX?

CerebrumX was founded in ­2020 and provides over-the-air connected car data across the Edge and Core Network to their partners (OEMs, media, insurers, fleet companies, smart cities/municipalities, etc.) Their overall objective embraces intensifying the user experience while improving the sustainability of society.

Why should OEMs adopt connected cars?

Ranjhan discusses the disadvantages of adjunct devices related to cost and the limitations on the type of data they can collect. Additionally, he goes on to share the three megatrends in the current automotive industry are connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and electric vehicles (EVs). Ranjhan explains that OEMs must know their customers throughout the vehicle ownership lifecycle. Connectivity can provide these crucial vehicle data insights for an enhanced level of user experience.

How does having a connected car benefit the consumer?

Connected cars provide consumers with a more seamless vehicle ownership experience. Data is utilized for vehicle health, predictive maintenance, and analytics to optimize the capabilities of the connected car. Ranjhan discusses that connected cars improve the consumer experience by anticipating their needs. For example, a connected car can inform the auto shop of repair needs, thus pre-ordering the parts- making the entire repair process quick and seamless for the customer.

How do you ensure the data being shared is secure?

CerebrumX has a management system for connected car enrollment that lets customers know why they are sharing data, what data they are sharing, and who they are sharing the data with. Ranjhan emphasizes the importance of keeping customers informed, giving their consent, and that they can shut off the data sharing at any time. Ranjhan spoke on the strategic partnership with Blackberry that aids in ensuring data protection, giving consumers peace of mind that their data is secure, and providing them with the benefits of data sharing.

To learn more about CerebrumX, watch the full episode here.