Axiom Connected Partners with Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie, Australia


Axiom Connected continues to expand our technology solutions across the globe, with offices in London, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, and Colombia. We are thrilled to announce that the next stop in our pursuit of global expansion is Port Macquarie, Australia. We are set to establish our Australian headquarters at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie in late January 2022.

Axiom Connected and Charles Sturt University will partner to bring highly skilled IT professionals to Port Macquarie, which is an exciting opportunity for students, graduates, and staff. The partnership will cultivate a positive economic impact on the region that will result in business-changing technology on a global scale.

Axiom Connected and Charles Sturt have announced the initial team will include approximately 10 Axiom Connected staff, including an Australian Vice-President, with the goal of increasing their workforce to 50 within the next two years. We are looking for dedicated and passionate UI/UX designers, developers, programmers, and business analysts, with an emphasis on recruiting Charles Sturt graduates and alumni in this initial round.

With previous success building our business around communities and university partnerships, Founder and CEO of Axiom Connected, Michael J. Reth explains, “We were impressed with the University’s forward-thinking approach to education, career planning, upskilling and optimizing their curriculum to provide candidates with trade skills that legacy universities haven’t quite grasped or figured out how to deliver to students,” Reth goes on to say, “Choosing Port Macquarie as the location for our Australian headquarters met many of our objectives; proximity to major cities while still working within a thriving regional community; the location, airport, university resources, and access to talented human resources up and down the Mid North Coast was very attractive.”

We look forward to working with Charles Sturt University to forge new partnerships that will create more local jobs and help stimulate economic growth in Port Macquarie.

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