Three Things to Know About the Axiom Connected™ + Smartcar Partnership

Axiom Connected Smartcar Partnership


In just two short years, Axiom Connected has shaken up the automobile industry by transforming antiquated processes into innovative digital-first experiences. Last week, Axiom Connected announced a joint partnership with Smartcar, which will provide a game-changing solution for automotive insurers, OEMs, and warranty administrators to access and utilize precise vehicle data with the owner’s consent.

1. Instant API connection provides precise vehicle data

No hardware. No dongles. No plugins. Smartcar’s API technology paired with Axiom Connected’s digital warranty platform uses over-the-air telemetry data to instantly connect with consented cars. The transition from hardware devices to API technology will provide an accurate and cost-efficient solution for warranty providers to manage the car ownership lifecycle more effectively. Based on the car’s mileage, fuel tank or EV battery level, tire pressure, and engine oil life, the warranty administrator can determine the owner’s current benefits, notify them of upcoming expirations, recalls, potential vehicle issues, and even remind them to schedule maintenance.

2. Compatible with over 70 million cars in the U.S.

Axiom Connected’s mission is to deliver a new kind of vehicle ownership experience. “We searched the globe for the right technology partner and found an industry-leading partner in Smartcar,” said Axiom Connected CEO and Founder Michael Reth. “Smartcar’s team consists of innovative thinkers who push their own limits to provide more value for each use case. We are very excited about this partnership.” The integration of Smartcar’s API is compatible with over 70 million cars in the U.S., broadening revenue opportunities and earning patterns for automotive insurers, OEMs, and warranty administrators to sell, manage, and service their warranty and maintenance product suite more efficiently.

3. The only digital-first automotive warranty solution

Axiom Connected is the only company to offer a fully digital platform for vehicle warranties, including monthly subscription product options. Car owners can manage their warranty with an easy-to-use mobile app called COVI. With the COVI app, vehicle owners can view their warranty benefits and contract details, file claims, schedule service appointments, and request roadside assistance all with a push of a button. “Smartcar empowers developers to build the future of mobility, and Axiom Connected perfectly exemplifies this spirit of innovation,” said Smartcar CEO and Co-Founder Sahas Katta. “Axiom Connected enhances the customer experience of the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle.”

Axiom Connected continues to transform auto, insurance, and warranty industries with digital-first customer experiences. By adding the ability to retrieve telemetry from more than 70 million vehicles, Axiom Connected’s technology platform gives clients access to precise data that directly impacts their earning patterns, marketing efforts, and client engagement.

For OEMs, TPAs, and insurers looking for more information on Axiom Connected’s and Smartcar’s new technology integration, contact Aaron Moore, Vice President of Sales at or by calling 412-445-6092.